Social Media Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between traditional and social media marketing?
    Traditional marketing entails airing commercials on television, radio, magazines, and newspapers, whereas social media marketing focuses on increasing visitors through various social media platforms. Traditional marketing approaches are significantly slower and more expensive than using social media to promote a brand or a service.
  • Is it Possible for a Small Business to Use Social Media Marketing?
    Yes. If small business owners regularly post on various social media channels, social media marketing may be simple and effective. You may use major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to promote your small business. To obtain the most outstanding results, it's a good idea to make a timetable for engaging with your followers on these pages regularly.
  • What are social posts that have been promoted or boosted?
    Social posts that have been promoted or boosted are essentially advertising. To increase engagement, you can post an advertisement on several social media channels. It's a powerful tool for attracting new followers and reaching out to users who haven't yet engaged with your company on the right social media site.
  • What is the cost of the social media marketing services you ask for?
    Social media services are vast, and the cost of the same depends on multiple factors such as the number of platforms that are used, the kind of activities the client is looking forward to, the duration of the activities.
  • What makes SEO Tech Experts the best social media marketing agency in Mumbai?
    SEO Tech Experts is one of the leading social media marketing agencies known for providing robust social media marketing services. The biggest USP of the agency is the experience the professionals possess here which is huge.

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